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Pregnancy and Postpartum Support 

The journey to parenthood hasn’t been quite what you expected.

You were expecting this life event to be exciting, but it's been harder than you anticipated. Maybe pregnancy brought on a lot of struggle, uncertainty, or fear. Or maybe becoming a parent brought on some unexpected feelings of being overwhelmed and struggling to adjust to it all. Not to mention, there's a new level of exhaustion you didn’t even know existed.


Maybe you think back on your life before parenthood and miss it, followed by feeling guilty for even having those thoughts. You see others on social media who seem to have this parenting thing down and you wonder why you don't feel the same.


Your relationship with your partner feels different, tense, distant. 


These struggles are real and you’re not alone in them. I know your time is more limited than ever. You deserve to feel like you againTogether we can help you find joy and take in these special moments you’ve been waiting for. 


Parents, partners, and families of all kinds, you are welcome here. Your experience in this journey matters.

Whether you're thinking about having children, currently pregnant, or learning how to navigate the early days of parenting, it's all important. Each of these unique life transitions can be exciting and also difficult with plenty of unknowns. Through my personal experience as a mom in addition to specialized training in perinatal mental health, I’m here to help and I can’t wait to connect with you.

Perinatal Mental Health
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