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Fertility Concerns

This feels so alone and unfair.


You've reached a point in your life where you're feeling ready to welcome a child or expand your family further and it hasn't been as simple as you thought. What began as a few months of waiting for that positive pregnancy test has resulted in more months or years of waiting and more feelings of disappointment and defeat.


It feels isolating, especially when it seems like everyone around you is getting pregnant without any struggle. You want to feel happy for them and there's also this dark cloud looming over you, wondering if and when that will be your story. Maybe your emotions feel like they fluctuate with where you're at in your cycle and it's beginning to take a toll on your mental health or in your relationship with your partner.

You might be in the early stages of pursuing further testing or recently received a diagnosis. Perhaps you're navigating various options such as fertility treatments, expanding your family through other options, or
discontinuing this journey altogether. You are deserving of a space that allows you to share openly about what this truly feels like for you and how it has affected you and your relationships.

You are not alone in your struggles even though it may often feel like that. There are so many uncertainties, fears, and difficult moments that can come up through this journey. Together, we can process through important decisions, clarify next steps, and help you feel empowered as you move forward.

Fertilty Concerns
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