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Wet Autumn Leaves

Pregnancy Loss

Your world was shattered.


You learned that you were pregnant and began preparing for what life was going to look like in a few short months. You thought about names, how to decorate the nursery, and memories you would create together for years to come.  Maybe you started sharing the exciting news with loved ones. 


As pregnancy progressed, something changed. Maybe you were alone at home or at a routine prenatal appointment. This couldn't be happening. It was so unexpected and devastating. You felt robbed of so much. 


You began asking why, along with so many other questions, and there weren't enough answers. Even if there were answers, the pain isn’t any less. There’s so much sadness over the hopes and dreams you had.  The feelings of love and loss feel hard to hold at the same time.


Maybe your partner or others in your life were having a different response and it’s been hard to talk about it, to sort through this on your own.


Maybe you haven’t really shared it with many people and you feel alone. The reminders just keep showing up when you least expect it. Thinking about how to face others feels scary. 


Maybe you're wondering about next steps for your family and that brings up even more uncertainty or fear.


As a bereaved mom and a psychologist with specialized training in perinatal loss, I’ve developed a strong interest in helping others navigate this significant and oftentimes isolating experience. Let’s help you sort through the thoughts, the questions, the feelings. Maybe you just need space to be silent and you're not sure what to say. Nothing is off limits and it all matters. Your grief journey is yours, however it may look, and I’d be honored to help you heal. 

Wet Autumn Leaves
Pregnancy Loss
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